How to install Skype
    How to install Skype by     04.03.2015


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    Skype installation

    Skype installation is not difficult at all. Nevertheless, we will give you several tips on how to install Skype.

    Skype installation is as long as a couple of minutes. Actually, there are some settings you might want to change, and they are (for any reason) hid from customers. It is not big deal at all as these settings concerns whether to install the icon on the Desktop and where to save Skype files.


    Let's install Skype

    Launch Skype installation

    Skype files will be unpacked in couple of minutes only. Start Skype installation by left-clicking twice on the installer. Allow the installation in the security window. Pay attention to Skype Terms of Use and Skype Privacy Statement.

    Run Skype installation

    Skype Installation settings

    Here you can change the settings. Select preferable language, click on "More options" (this line is not presented in the screenshot; instead of it you see "Close options"). You can select the installation folder for Skype (click "Browse"), and create a Desktop icon.

    Skype installation settings

    Additional offers. Skype Click to Call

    Here the Skype Installation Wizard offers you to install Skype Click to Call. This is an additional package that will extend the functionality of Skype. But it is not strongly recommended to use this feature: Skype will work fine without it too. "Click Continue".

    Skype Click to Call

    Additional Offers. Bing search

    If you wish to try Bing search engine instead of usual Google or Yahoo! or any other, you may simply continue to the next step. If you do not wish to change settings for your browser, be it Firefox, Chrome, Explorer or Safari, uncheck both fields.

    • Note that there is a separate agreement concerning use of Bing search.

    Bing search offer

    Skype installation

    Wait for a couple of minutes (it took less than a minute in our case) until installation is complete.

    Skype installation

    This is how to install Skype! Download Skype and plunge into communication without borders!