How to install Notepad++
    How to install Notepad++ by     02.03.2015


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    As you already know, Notepad++ is one of the top code editor for developers and programmers. With the free application you can create necessary patterns of code in CSS, HTML and JavaScript in order to create own website. Syntax highlighting, autocompletion and other indispensable functionality is available in this code editor. In this tutorial, we will give you some tips on how to install such an application.

    If you have not downloaded Notepad++ yet, please, read the next tutorial:

    Get Notepad++ to your computer!

    Let’s install Notepad++

    Launch Notepad++ installation

    Open the folder Downloads on your computer. You can get there from your browser, be it Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Usually it is located here: My computer\C:\Users\User-name\Downloads. Launch the installer. You will get the security notification (in most cases). Famous VirusTotal assures that there is no malware, viruses or Trojans. Therefore, agree to open the file by clicking on "Run".

    Launch Notepad++ installation.

    Choose installer language

    Notepad++ Installation Wizard can assist you in many languages (40+ languages), so open the option and select the most convenient language. Click "OK".

    Choose Notepad++ installation language.

    Notepad++ Installation Wizard

    Here you can see standard information, including the version of the software, and some recommendations. Click "Next".

    Notepad++ Installation Wizard.

    Notepad++ License Agreement

    Read Notepad++ License Agreement to be sure what your rights are. Click "I Agree" to proceed with installation.

    Notepad++ License Agreement.

    Notepad++ Installation folder

    Here, select where to install this code editor. Usually, it is installed in Program Files on disc C, but you can change it as you want. Click "Browse" (arrow 1), locate the necessary folder, and then click "Next" (arrow 2).

    Choose installation folder for Notepad++.

    Notepad++ Installation Components

    The Wizard also allows you to select the components to be installed. Choose "Minimalist" installation (arrow 1), if you do not need such stuff as Themes, Auto-Updater or User Manual. Custom installation is set by default; in this mode you can check/un-check boxes in order to choose the necessary components. Click "Next" (arrow 3).

    Notepad++ Installation Components.

    Other Notepad++ Components

    Here you can select other features that might be installed on your computer with Notepad++. There are humorous explanations on what exactly is offered. For example, you can select to create a shortcut on Desktop or to use an old icon for the app. Leave other two options (the first two) unchanged if you install Notepad++ for the first time. Click "Install" (arrow 2), and wait for several seconds until installation is finished.

    Other Notepad++ components.

    Complete Notepad++ Installation

    As you see, Notepad++ is ready to start its work! Uncheck the box "Run Notepad++ [version number]" if you do not want to launch it right away, and click "Finish"!

    Notepad++ installation is finished.

    This is how to install Notepad++! Download the application to try it by yourself!