How to download Skype
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    Skype messenger

    Skype is a perfect solution for those who want to communicate with relatives and friends via the Internet. Skype offers an unparalleled set of features, namely:

    • Instant text messaging and group text chats
    • Voice communication (in group or with one person)
    • Video communication (groups with up to 25 people)
    • the possibility to send and receive files

    Skype Messenger

    As you can imagine, Skype has quite a plethora of functions. But before you can use this staff, it is necessary to download the application on your computer. So learn in our tutorial how to download or get Skype!

    Let's download Skype

    Find Skype

    Find the Search area on the top of the website and type "skype" in it (arrow 1). Press Enter on the keyboard or click "Search" (arrow 2).

    Find Skype via Search

    Open Skype review

    You are presented with the next result, so open the Skype review by clicking on Skype link or on the button "See more"

    Open Skype review

    Skype review

    In this page, you can read our review of Skype. If you simply wish to download the application, click on the button "Download" (arrow 1 or 2).

    • Note that you can download older versions of Skype if you do not like the modern UI of this app.

    Choose and download Skype version

    Let's download Skype from official website

    Skype main webpage

    Surely, you can download Skype from the official website too. Note, that there is only the latest version available! If you do not like the modern interface, then you can get any previous Skype edition from our website.

    Skype main website

    Meanwhile, follow to the official Skype webpage. Here you only need to click on "Download Skype" or "Get Skype" button - either way you will be transferred to the Skype download webpage.

    Skype download webpage

    Now you are transferred to this page, from where you can download Skype. Note, that there are different versions of Skype:

    Note also that you can choose any other language for your Skype. Simply click "Get Skype for [Skype version]" (arrow 1).

    Choose version and download Skype

    Save Skype executable

    Now you only need to save the SkypeSetup.exe file and after that, launch the executable to benefit from this instant messenger!

    Save Skype exe

    This is how you can download or get Skype on you computer!