How to download Notepad++
    How to download Notepad++ by     02.03.2015


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    Notepad++ is one of the most renowned efficient application that offers enough functionality to write a programming code using various languages – CSS, C++, C#, HTML, etc. Syntax highlighting, word and function autocompletion, function parameters suggestions, the possibility to switch between tabs with different code, multi-view, etc. As you can see, Notepad++ is a great replacement for restricted and inconvenient Notepad, which is provided with all Windows operating systems.

    Before you are able to use the program, you need to download it; therefore, in this little tutorial you can learn how to download Notepad++.


    Let’s download Notepad++!

    Find Notepad++

    On the top, find the Search area and type ‘notepad’ in it (arrow 1). After that, press Enter on the keyboard or click on the search button FreeDownload360 search. (arrow 2).

    Search for Notepad++.

    Open Notepad++ main page

    In the search results, select Notepad++ by clicking on the button "See more" See more results..

    Open Notepad++ page.

    Download Notepad++

    Now you are located on the main page of Notepad++, where you can find our review. If you only wish to download Notepad++, click on the appropriate button (arrow 1).

    • Note that you can select other (older) versions of this valuable piece of software. Select the version by clicking on the appropriate link (arrow2). If you do not select other version, our website will transfer the latest version.

    Download Notepad++.

    Let’s download Notepad++ from official website

    Notepad++ website

    Surely, you can download Notepad++ from the developer’s website too. Follow to the Notepad++ website. On the main page, click on the button "Download" to get the latest version of Notepad++. Similarly to our website, you can choose older versions of this code editor. Click on the link Download (arrow 2) in this case.

    Notepad++ website.

    Download Notepad++

    In the next screenshot, you can see a big green button, by clicking on which you simply can get Notepad++ transferred on your computer. Finally, you can launch it and use it!

    Download Notepad++ from the official website.

    • Note that there are different installers, including 7z and Zip packages, and others (arrow 2).

    This is how you can download Notepad++!