How to call Skype
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    Skype Calls

    One of the main Skype features is voice messaging. Thanks to the extended functionality of Skype, it is possible to call not only via Internet to other person, who installed Skype on his/her computer or smart-phone or Tablet, but also to landlines or to cell-phones without pre-installed Skype!

    Skype Messenger

    Let's call on Skype

    Call to Skype friends

    Launch Skype and sign into your profile. On the left, open the tab "Contacts" or "Recent", find the friend you are going to call to, and select it.
    On the right you will see recent text messages between you and your interlocutor. Simply click on the button "Call" (arrow) to start communicating with your friend.

    Find friend in Skype

    Connection in Skype

    Wait for several seconds until connection is being established. How fast will it happen? It depends on your provider and the speed of Internet.

    Establishing connection in Skype

    Talk with friend in Skype

    Making and managing phone-call on Skype is easy. There are several buttons on the bottom of the window, and one - in the top-right corner.

    Manage call on Skype

    1 - Hide/show text-chat and list of contacts 5 - Volume control
    2 - Mute/turn on the microphone 6 - Send text message
    3 - Additional options (send file, add other people to conversation) 7 - Make window full-screen
    4 - Hang up

    This is how to call on Skype!